Asia-Pacific Animation Association Introduction

Asia-Pacific Animation Association is a professional organization by the Pan Pacific region animation, comics and digital content relevant professional associations, organizations and the famous animation, comics, games of artists. We were registered in Australia in 2014. Held in December of the same year, the first Pan-Pacific Forum of animation and education industry in New Zealand, and the Association was founded officially announced.

Promoters: Harman (Australia), Sun Lijun (China), Richard Taylor (New Zealand), Koide Shoji (Japan), Sun Qihuan (Korea), and Yu Weizheng (Taiwan).

Association aims for the world, the development of the Pan-Pacific region and the game animation and game industry educational communication, exchanges and cooperation, which is to promote the harmonious development of the world of animation and game art and industry. We hope by the relevant institutions and companies in Asia Pacific, work together to create a multi-disciplinary, cross-media exchanges and cooperation.